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All my patterns - free and otherwise - are for personal use only, which means you can't sell what you make with them or use them to teach fee-based classes.  However, you are welcome to make as many as you like, either for yourself or to give away.  If you're thinking about knitting some to sell or raffle off for a charity or fundraiser, please check with me first.  Thanks!

Free Knitting Patterns
Is it a scarf or a knitted necklace?  You decide.  All I can tell you is that the Candy Wrapper Scarflet is quick to knit in any worsted weight yarn - and it makes a pretty good gift, too.

Show your love for hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with this snug, stranded cap.  Or not - your call, your hot beverage won't be offended I'm sure!

Meditative yarn time? A gift to a friend who never lets you down? A nice warm hat?  Whatever your perspective, the Best Friend Beanie is yours for the knitting.

Sometimes you just want super comfortable hat, the equivalent of a sloppy grey sweatshirt.  And when that time comes, you can knit yourself some Positive Ease.

Indecisive?  Maybe you need a Hatcowl, for all your hat or cowl needs.

A palm-sized pocket for a pair of earbuds, the aptly named: Earbud Pouch.

A soft, easy, stand-up cowl whose stitches stand together like people do for each other: Togetherness Cowl.

This simple hat is fast to make, cute as a button, and warm enough for the craziest winter: Instant Love Hat.

Nothing like a roomy, midweight toque for cooler days, unless it's one that hides a start of round jog like the Slice of Life Hat.

Here's a superfast, slightly slouchy lace hat in bulky, always-luscious Noro yarn: the Spin Cycle Hat.

For the ultimate in easy, portable knitting, try the Triple Lane Travel Cowl.

UpCountry Hat is unisex, easy to knit, and matches a certain cowl on the next line down.

In a hurry for a snug-fitting unisex winter-friendly present or three? UpCountry Cowl is your project.

In a hurry for a loose-fitting unisex winter-friendly present or three? Take a look at the Shelter Valley Cowl.

Got bizarre-looking handspun yarn?  Turn it into a Crazy Cowl.

I've made another shawl - easy, functional, and oh so cute.  Want one too?

Can't get enough of the cloche?  Here's a super easy reversible version just right for cold ears or chemo patients.

Who knew? Without hair, your head can get cold at night. Knit a cute sleep cap for a chemo patient, or a not-quite-plain toque for outside, with this simple pattern.

Thinking about a simple starter hat, or a unisex something with a lot of give so you don't have to worry too much about sizing?  If you don't mind equal parts purl, this could be the pattern for you.

Surrounded by single skeins of handpainted yarn and no idea what to do with them?  Thinking of a scarf for a last-minute present?  Done and done.

Looking for a cloche hat for you or for a friend having chemo, but too distracted to count out a complicated stitch pattern?  You need some knitting comfort, my friend.

Tired of losing your glasses? Keep them in this crazy bright felted case.

Need hair help or want to brush up your cables?  Try out this kerchief and matching bracelet.

Neck a little chilly, yarn supply a little low?  This reversible scarflet will solve both your problems.

Fingerless gloves or all-out mittens striking your fancy?  I slaved over these ones so you won't have to.

Somebody giving you the cold shoulder?  You need this superfast shawl pattern.  Which is now available in French, thanks to translation by my talented friend Louise from Biscotte et Cie!  One correction to her version: you end with 256 stitches, not the 238 I told her.  Gah.

Are you the sort of person who likes a matching hat and scarf?  Did you just knit the superfast shawl pattern listed above?  Then this is the hat for you.  It's also the hat for you if you need a fast present for a woman of whose head circumference you are not entirely certain.

Get cold feet at yoga or pilates? Just find out a friend who does has a birthday in three days?  Sit down and cast on these panic-friendly Yoga Socks.

Worried?  Agitated?  Got cold hands?  Try my Meditation Mittens.

Want to knit a practical unisex gift with a powerful dose of luck in it?  Look no farther than this easy reversible scarf.

Longing for a 1920s cloche of your very own, or thinking about knitting a chemo cap for a loved one or local hospital? One reversible hat coming right up!

Swooning over self-striping yarn and wondering how to wear it on your head? Here's idea #1,
... and here's idea #2.
Need the instructions for hat # 2 in French? Many thanks to Biscotte & Cie for the translation.

Got an ugly hat you want to dress up, or one cold pair of ears, or a Sonja Henie costume to complete?

Need a hat in a hurry?  Four hours fast enough for ya?

Need a really luscious hat in a hurry?  It costs a little more, but it's worth it.

Free Printable Fun

St. Patrick's Day isn't complete without a knitty sort of twist - show off with this cute banner.

Other Knitting Bits

Wondering how to do a tiny cable twist without the trouble of a cable needle? Here's how I do a right-facing twist, and here's how I do a left-facing twist.

The dreaded Kitchener Stitch got you stumped?  I kept figuring it out and forgetting it; then I wrote this.

Buried in knitting needles of all shapes and sizes?  Get organized with this exciting craft project.

Got more questions?  Check out my blog for links and tips.